Admire the Holy Well of
Santa Vittoria

Photographs by David Donnini

The nuragic sanctuary of Santa Vittoria is an archaeological site, with a beautiful holy well, located in the municipality of Serri, Sardinia. The area has been attended since the ancient stages of Nuragic Civilization [early Bronze Age - 16th century BC, to the 9th century BC]. The site extends for approximately three hectares in the local area, and it is made up of several groups of buildings: the temples, the hut of the priest and the annexed buildings, the festival fence and the fence with the betile pylons. The pit temple is the most important place in the sanctuary. It was built with the cyclopic technique, the same used for the nuraghi, but, contrary to these, with very refined stones. In the temple hall was practiced the Trial by ordeal: it consisted of wetting the accused's eyes with the water of the well, and in the case of being blind it would be declared guilty (it is assumed that the final sentence was already decided by the village leader, mixing ritual water with some choking substances). It is assumed that in the main building of the village, federal assemblies gathered the most powerful Nuragic clans living in Central Sardinia, consecrating alliances or deciding wars. The common structures were organized in such a way as to coexist with the religious and civil festivities, the market with the political assembly.


Beautiful movie of Santa Vittoria from the sky: